It attaches great importance to the security and integrity of our users' information. It is responsible for the security of any information given by its users in confidence.

Your e-mail address will not be distributed to other organizations for any reason and will not be used for advertising, promotion or marketing.

Only you can access all the information you enter into the system and only you can change them. It is not possible for another member to access and change information about you.

At your own initiative, you can notify us of the personal information requested from you during registration, except the mandatory ones.

If there is information that you do not choose to provide to us, you do not have to fill in or mark these fields.

It can collect a variety of identifying information from its users.

All online forms used in product and service orders and all other forms and applications within the scope of the site where users are asked to enter information are covered by this definition.

Likewise, "cookies" can be used to observe how our users use our site.

Cookies are software that are placed on users' PCs by Web servers and used to identify the user in case the User visits the site again.

Although not all the information we collect from our users is of an individual nature, there may be some other information related to individual information.

It can use this information collected through the Website to increase the efficiency of the site under the scope of R&D, marketing, advertising and sales and to strengthen its relations with its users.

All kinds of information on our systems and belonging to our users are protected by high security measures.

With these principles, your personal rights are guaranteed by us.

You can send us any questions about our Privacy Policy by using the e-mail address

Every stage of communication is secured for credit card transactions on our site.

Site-Visitor Communication Security

The communication between the site and the visitor on the order pages of our site takes place in 128 bit SSL standard.

The communication standard in question is of a nature that can be used safely even on sites with a large number of transactions.

It indicates whether this communication format exists on the page where credit card information will be provided, and that the expression written in the address bar when the page is accessed is not in the form of http: // .. but in the format https: // ...

When you access pages of this nature, there is a lock sign in the lower right corner of the browser.

Site-Bank Communication Security

The security of transferring credit card information from the site to the bank is realized with the maximum security offered by the bank.

In addition to the many components of the security in question, the CVV2 / CVC2 code is also used on our site as a precaution against shopping with stolen card or card information.

In-Site Data Security

In transactions you will make in a secure environment, no person, institution or organization can access your information except for you and the bank that has allocated your credit card to you.

The credit card transaction page transmits the card information directly to the bank POS system and informs the customer of the transaction result.

Credit card information is not transmitted via e-mail or similar methods.

It is not even possible for us to access credit card information transferred as a result of the online transaction.